5 People Share a Time Where a Spontaneous Hangout Changed Their Life 🙈🙉🙊

Sometimes you take chances you wouldn’t normally take. Whether or not it’s the itch for adventure, the alcohol talking, or just part of who you are, we have 5 people who took those chances on a stranger and changed their life in the best way possible.



  1. Jessica R


“One night I was out with a few girls at a local bar. Later on they decided to leave and I stayed behind. I sat at the bar alone, not looking for attention, just keeping to myself, while a man continued to try and buy me drinks. He began to harass me with crude comments and try to touch my arms. A guy on the other side of the bar comes up and puts his arm around me and proceeds to tell the man harassing me that I’m his girlfriend. This isn’t typically a guy I’d talk to..very handsome, but his face was covered in tattoos. Just someone you don’t bring home to mom. Obviously this other guy knew he wasn’t my boyfriend as he had seen me with the girls. They proceeded to get in a fist fight. The drunk touchy man got punched in the face and kicked out. My fake “boyfriend” proceeded to tell me I could sit with them and wouldn’t be bothered by others, but was under no obligation to actually hang out with him and his friends.


After a few drinks I decided to get to know him and his friends. They were amazing. They were very spiritual and held wonderful, in depth conversations about life. Later on I decided to go home. For safety reasons I didn’t drive, and started to walk. They caught up to me in their car and here’s where I’m thinking “STRANGER DANGER!” They ask if I need a ride and I say no, due to the fact we just met. My fake boyfriend basically said “either someone’s going to try to pick you up on the side of the road, or we kill you. But we won’t actually kill you. We saved you once already.” YEAH, RIGHT. okay now I really want to get in the car. I pondered the 30 minute walk home and then jumped in the jeep. On the way to my house they asked to make a pit stop at a friend’s party. I ended up meeting a lot of famous DJs and the next day went camping and had a wild trip with this guy and about 20 of his friends. We’ve all been best friends since!”


  1. Marie P.


“One time I was in Las Vegas for a friends bday. I met a table of french guys and was instantly attracted as I had JUST broken up with a french guy a few days before. I asked the most beautiful human man I’ve ever seen (who I thought was way out of my league) to take a snapchat with me to make my ex jealous. He did and we followed each other on IG. He didn’t speak a lick of english so we would occasionally send each other kiss faces or “Miss you bae” as a joke. A few months later I found myself traveling in Europe alone on a last minute trip to get away. He messaged me (using google translate) begging me to come visit him in Paris. I was super skeptical but he was very adamant and told me he would even get me a hotel so I would feel comfortable. The conversations were very limited and broken and I was scared shitless… but a couple days later I hopped on a train and headed his way. I get there and the first day was a lot of passing a cell phone with google translate back and forth but after that it was like we just understood each other. He showed me around the city and every day we fell for each other a little more. On the way to the airport we were both in tears, neither of us were ready to say goodbye. We get to the airport and my flight ended up being cancelled! He took me back to his family’s home and basically told his parents he was going to marry me, then we had a heavy makeout sesh in their attic.”


  1. Lisa P


“I was in Dallas for mad decent block party in 2015. A girl I was with knew Skrillex and left our group to go hang out with him. She was begging me to come say hi after they ate so I did, and I immediately hit it off with him and his friends. It was like I had known him for years! When it was almost time to go to the show he asked us to come with them, then asked me to work for him! He’d been interviewing PA’s and wanted to try me out. I worked that night, then worked again the next night in NYC then got a call 3 days later asked if I was down to be relocated to LA to work for him full time. I toured with him for 7 months and now do PR/Marketing for his clothing line. Talk about being at the right place, at the right time.”


  1. Zara and Melvin


“We’re at a birthday party. Obviously we’re pretty drunk. We’re about to leave when we start talking to this guy hanging out outside of the bar. I don’t remember much of the conversation, but it must have been pretty interesting because he invited us to walk back to his car and we agreed to follow. Once we climbed into his car, he pulls out a huge box of N2O cartridges and asks if we wanted some. I had never done them before, but I was drunk so I agreed. So this dude starts driving us around, and all 3 of us are cracking whippits in the car. We went through the whole box of 50.

Then the dude starts talking about how he gave his friend some acid and the guy complained about how he didn’t feel anything because the guy swore up and down that it was some of the best acid he’s ever had. He asked if Zara and I wanted to try some. I hate hallucinogens because I always have really bad trips, but I was shit faced and mid-whippet so I said “Fuck it, I don’t have anything to do tomorrow”. Zara laughs cause I would normally never do that, but she agrees to do some as well. The guy pulls out a bottle of liquid LSD, and this fucking guy dumps a giant puddle into each of our hands. Like, so much that we had to slurp it out. I estimate that it was roughly 15 hits worth.

Luckily he offers to give us a ride back to our place. As soon as we walk in the door of our apartment, we start TRIPPING. I’m a super lightweight, and one tab is borderline too much for me. This is 15 hits of liquid, so I’m gone. We go into our bedroom, Zara puts on Mulan and starts feeling like she is uncovering some deeper meaning behind the movie. It ended up being the best trip of our lives. I felt like I saw the universe.. All thanks to a stranger outside the bar.”


  1. Emily T


“last year i was solo backpacking through eastern europe for a month and a half. On my first night in prague, I went on a bar crawl with the people in my hostel. I was one of the few solo girl travelers but managed to make a few friends. That night I spent most of my time with an Australian dude and a Chilean dude. Three things happened that night that i’ll never forget. It made me want to travel everywhere and meet everyone. First the Australian dude told me about a girl who stayed in the hostel the weekend before, and how she was traveling with a ‘friend with benefits’ who both slept on the bunk below him. Apparently she tried to enlist him in a threesome but only under the condition that he used a butt plug. He said he wasn’t down, and one of the hostel workers (a guy from liverpool) was down but it never happened because they weren’t into him…


Second, the second bar we went to was playing really boring mainstream/top 40’s hip hop. the Chilean guy and I weren’t into it so I checked Resident Advisor (an electronic music website with event listings all over the world) and found another event happening at another club across town called Cross Club. me, him, and the Aussie dipped and went there instead. it was one of the coolest underground dive club/bars i’ve ever been to. it was all industrial looking and the overall vibe was like, “cybergoth stoner.” –Google Cross Club Prague to see what i mean. they were playing hardstyle that night which is not my cup of tea at all, but drinks were super cheap, people were smoking weed (and being very generous. I hadn’t smoked in weeks at this point) and I was with great company. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Lastly, after a few drinks we decided to head back towards the hostel. the Chilean dude suggested we find a strip club and somehow the Aussie knew of one near where we were staying. The club was dead since it was a Monday night. There were only three other people there and the dancers were just standing on the poles looking bored out of their minds. we got a few drinks and left since it was so slow. even though it was a bit anticlimactic, i never would have thought that i would end up in a strip club in prague with an Australian guy and a Chilean guy.”