I Decided to Meet Up With Strangers and Ended up Meeting the Love of My Life ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’—

I moved to Los Angeles in April of 2016. I knew a total of 1 person, which was my roommate who I had found on Craigslist. I figured it was time to meet people somehow and try to make new friends. To possibly meet my new best friend, but I didnโ€™t really know how. I pulled my phone out and began using a dating app. Itโ€™s not the most conventional way to meet friends, but I was desperate for human contact.


I browsed girls around me to see if I had anything in common with anyone, when I came across someoneโ€™s profile that really struck my interest. I sent her a message with some quotes from Broad City, and it sealed the deal on our friendship. We texted a bit and tried to figure out when was best to meet up. Keep in mind, I set the boundaries up front about just wanting to be friends etc.


A few weeks later, I asked if she wanted to go party in West Hollywood, and she was down. She was a bit weary of meeting up off the internet since she had never done it before, but I sent some social media profiles her way and assured her I was a real 24 year old girl. An hour or two before meeting up, she texted me that was bringing along her group of friends, which consisted of her girlfriend, her sisters girlfriend, and a guy friend of hers.


At first this made me a bit anxious. Did I really want to put myself in this group setting, with people I didnโ€™t know anything about? Would I be able to carry on conversation without being awkward to so many different people? And if they all know each other, will I be the odd man out? But suddenly I remembered, alcohol. Yes, alcohol would be my crutch. Whenever I get drunk, I become talkative and carefree, the anxiety pretty much flies out the window. I downed a beer and called a Lyft. Fuck it, I was doing it. I was meeting up with a group of strangers in search of adventure, new friends, and something other than staring at my walls on a Saturday night.


When I got to the bar, I went straight to the bar and ordered the usual. I was already pretty drunk, but wasnโ€™t about to stop there. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Corina. She led me back to the table and introduced me to her sister and friends. Everything was actually going well. They were friendly people, who had a lot of the same interests as I did. We had a lot of laughs, a lot of booze, and got to know each other better. Within 20 minutes, I felt like I had known these people for years.


After we spent a good 2 hours at the bar, we all decided to head to a party down the street that had a ladies night type event going on. We walked over to the bar, a bit crooked I might add thanks to all the bar booze, and entered the venue. It was a nice place, with two different party rooms. Each had their own bars, and there were go go dancers lined up along the walls. The main room had a DJ spinning and the dance floor was PACKED. Of course being the anxious bean that I am, I went to the bar and got my next drink. Corina ended up being really cool. We had a ton in common, and she had grown up in the Los Angeles area so she had some great recommendations to give me.


She was also a pretty bad dancer, which was great, because I have absolutely no rhythm. For the first time since moving to LA, I had felt like I was finding a group of friends to settle into. I got along really well with her sister, and we ended up spending most of the night together talking about our favorite TV shows. The drunker we got, the more fun it was. We all let loose and danced the night away. Closer to the end of the night, we realized Brandi was there. Yes that Brandi. The 90โ€™s Brandi, sister to Ray-J. I mean I was practically two degrees away from Kim Kardashian.


We ended up finding Brandi right before last call and snapping some photos with her. Her security was having to calm others around us, telling them to relax while 12-15 people were all trying to snap photos at once. We realized this was probably the peak of the night and decided to leave the club, where we walked to an iHop and ate pancakes till 3 in the morning, before we all went our separate ways.


I had and still have, no regrets about meeting up with them. Over the next few weeks, I grew very close with Corina. We hung out a lot at various bars all over Los Angeles, and talked about life, philosophy, and everything in between. Our connection grew stronger and stronger, and within two months of knowing each other, we began dating.


Itโ€™s been three years and today we are still together. If I hadnโ€™t taken that chance that night, if I had let the idea of a group of strangers intimidate me or keep me inside, I would have never met her. I guess thatโ€™s where fate comes in, right? Sometimes it can be more than just memories of a wild Friday night, but connections you end up having for life, friendships that form, and relationships that can blossom. Take chances. Meet new people. Get out there and form connections! You never know what spontaneous adventures will bring you.