What it’s Like Dating a Spontaneous Person ❤️💛💚💙💜

We all want spontaneity, but we can’t plan these types of events as that defeats the purpose of them. When you date someone who is naturally spontaneous, every day is an adventure. Don’t even dream of getting bored…because most likely, it won’t happen.


The time to indulge on impulse decisions only arises when the opportunity presents itself. But what happens when we date someone who finds these opportunities at every corner?


Irregular will be all you know.


All the things you’re used to doing in your schedule will get changed up. So you’re used to coming home after work and putting on the TV while you cook up dinner and eventually fall asleep.


Now, you’ll constantly be going to new places. Meeting new people. Doing new things. You will forget what you even define normal as anymore. While this could be someone’s worst nightmare, it actually helps you learn more about not only your partner, but yourself. The only thing that becomes constant, is your partner, which leads to a whole different level of understand one another. Beautiful, isn’t it?


Unexpected things happen all the time


Your partner won’t have a certain way of doing things. Maybe tonight they decide they wanted to cook in a full penguin onesie because it seemed fun. Tomorrow they decide a living room dance party is in order instead of turning on the TV.


It’s exciting to have new things happening all the time, or at least “different” things. It won’t be easy to predict your partner’s next move, but where’s the fun in knowing?


You will forget the meaning of the word “regret”


Spontaneous people live with no regrets. While you meet many people in life who say they have a few regrets, most of the time spontaneous people don’t. They believe everything happens for a reason, if the trip you took last minute turns out messy, they still don’t regret it, they just learned from it and can apply it to the next trip they take.


They live with a “why not” mentality. Regrets don’t even cross their mind. Keep in mind though, there’s a difference between being spontaneous and blowing all your life’s savings on lotto tickets. Use with caution!


You have a constant source of encouragement.


Since your partner sees the world with spontaneity, you will always have the encouragement you need to try new things when you are feeling stuck. Maybe you see the glass half empty, and they see the glass half full. You will always have a different perspective on things, and learn to let go of what you can’t control.


They will teach you to follow your dreams and impulses, and encourage you every step of the way. They are used to the unknown, so you can guarantee they’ll be an amazing source of comfort when the unknown arises.


Most importantly, you fall in love over and over again.


You will constantly be learning new things about each other. You will be sharing intimate experiences, such as getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new territories together. You will see this person help transition you into someone more spontaneous and relaxed.
It’ll be impossible to get bored. Without the routine, you will be having the time of your life with your partner. When you see them working to spice up both of your lives, being free and open, it’s a hard thing to not be attracted to. You’ll never lose the feeling of excitement.



So what, maybe you won’t be sleeping much. You’ll be busy having adventures and going where the road takes you. But do we really remember the nights of full sleep we got, rather than the times we said “fuck it” and went all out for an adventure? Doubtful.