5 Things All Spontaneous People Know 💃🏻👫👭👯🏃🏻


Everyone knows someone spontaneous. They’re always down to join you on adventures, or create ones for you. They may seem lost at times, but trust me, they know exactly where they are going and what they are doing. Whatever it is they drag you into doing, you will always walk away with a lifelong memory.


You’re the entertainment


Okay, if you’re spontaneous, you’re always the entertainment source. You’re good at quick thinking and coming up with fun things to do on the spot. Even if it’s a made up game you played once before. Friends always look to you for a good time, and who could blame them?


Anytime I went to parties when I was in middle school or high school, I was always entertaining. Mostly because I was a big weirdo who would draw mustaches on my face and pretend to be something silly. I didn’t mind doing things to make my friends laugh, even if they were a bit strange.


You can easily solve problems.


This goes hand in hand with being able to make decisions quickly. Since you are so used to figuring out last minute details, you can solve problems with ease, if you even view them as “problems” that is.


It’s hard to bother you. You’re used to unexpected things happening all the time, and people who may not agree with everything you do. You’re always able to get yourself out of a jam by finding innovative solutions. Nothing wrong with that!



Anything is an adventure


You can make a good time out of anything. Long car ride? No problem. You know a ton of fun things to do along the way. New things are always exciting to you, because you love unchartered territories. You can make a trip to the grocery store a memorable experience. You’re always down to do new things, go new places, and meet new people.


Anything is an adventure. And your friends love you for that. Why do you think so many friends want you to do boring activities with them sometimes? (come to the store with me, come here with me, etc). Sound familiar?


You adjust quickly to change.


You understand plans change. Often. And you’re okay with this. You do well with change, in fact, you enjoy it most of the time. New and different opportunities fuel your friendly fire.


You can translate this into your everyday life, easily. Your work schedule was changed last minute? Eh, whatever. You were supposed to go to dinner tonight, but instead now you are all going to a play? Fine, you have clothes somewhere in the back of your closet. Not everyone can adjust to changes that are sprung on them so quickly, that’s why so many are envious of the way you live life, you badass.


You know being impulsive isn’t always a good thing.


This is an important one. Sure your spontaneous and naturally impulsive, but you have boundaries. You know you have to go to work tomorrow. You know you have to pay your bills. While you might spontaneously decide to take a vacation, you still show up to work and take care of your responsibilities.


Sure sometimes we get ourselves into trouble, but we always learn from those mistakes. It’s not always the smartest to wake up and quit your job on impulse. But hey, maybe you saved a fat stack of cash in your bank account just for this moment.