5 Ways to be More Spontaneous 💪🏻


It’s okay if you don’t consider yourself a spontaneous person. It can be extremely hard leaving our comfort zones. Most of us like to plan things ahead of time and work out every detail. Who will be there? What will we be doing? But is it always necessary to plan things out to the extent some of us do? Probably not.


Here are a few tips on how to encourage yourself be more spontaneous!


List out basic boundaries.


Yes, it’s fun to be spontaneous. But please ensure you are paying your bills! What are your core boundaries? Pay credit card bills, car payment, make sure I go to work every day…etc. The rest can come naturally. Erase your calendar except for the items that require your attention (such as your bills, guys!).


As long as you can find comfort in knowing you are taking care of the things you are supposed to be taking care of, especially yourself, you can let loose a bit more than normal. You’ve paid the bills. You’ve finished a long week at work. You did all your chores. Now find an adventure outside of your usual drill.


Start out small.


So maybe you aren’t the most spontaneous right now, but that’s okay. You don’t need to read this and go off and buy a plane ticket to Europe. Starting small can help build up your tendencies to be more impulsive.


Go to a new lunch spot. Invite a new friend out and get to know them. Walk around a new neighborhood. Go to a movie alone. Be the bad-ass you’ve always aspired to be. Remember, different is good!


Stay curious


As mentioned above, it’s easy to get comfortable in our day to day lives. Sometimes along the way, curiousity hides out of sight. Learning is like feeding your brain stimulants. Being more curious increases a drive in creativity, energy, and desire.


Is there something you’d love to learn more about? A place in town you’ve always wanted to visit? Always wondered what it would be like to jump into your pool from the second story window? Okay maybe not the last one, but you get what I’m saying. Go out and do it! Chase your curiousity.


Start saying yes.


Do you find yourself turning people down often when they offer plans? Maybe you don’t like going out on weeknights. Maybe you’ve found yourself disliking the taste of beer recently. Whatever your reasoning is, you are holding yourself back from some potentially exciting opportunities. You never know how much fun you might have, or who you might meet along the way.


Pick something to say yes to, and have fun with it.


Let your mind wander.


Some of us may define ourselves as a very serious person. Whether or not it’s because of the work we do, or just how we are, maybe we don’t like to try new things. It’s just not our thing.


Break out of this mindset! Let your mind wander a bit. It’s totally cool to be serious, but sometimes it’s fun to let loose and be silly. Enjoy a fart joke from time to time. Change it up.


Now it’s time to get out there and put these tips to the test! Start introducing them into your day to day life. Before you know it, you’ll be skydiving with hunky Jesus on a Saturday because you drove by and thought it sounded fun.