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Interview with CQ Savvy: Launching the Spontime app (VIDEO)

Watch the Spontime x CQ Savvy video interview in which Spontime’s Founder Karolina shares the story of launching the Spontime app!

Video link:



Spontime meets Julia Hartz the Eventbrite Co-founder!

Was a pleasure to meet with Julia Hartz the Eventbrite Cofounder! Thank you for all your tips and insights on how to connect people together and build a company with true mission and vision!


Spontime at the Women Startup Lab Accelerator!

We had a pleasure to help in the organization of the Women Startup Lab Accelerator Program. A pleasure to meet all the fellow Female Founders!  ❤️💃🏻💪🏻

Check out the accelerator:




Spontime National Reps Team in more than 100 countries!

Spontime National and College Representative Team counts more than 200, in more than 100 around the world! Thank you all who want to get involved and bring Spontime to life! ❤️🤗🎉

Find our awesome Reps here:

How we built the team:



Huffington Post | 21-Year Old Karolina Demianczuk Created 3.3 Million Spontime App

“Spontime is a refreshing reminder to remain in real life and maintain relationships with people outside of a digital chatroom, a notion very few seems to understand in the world today.”

This is exactly why we keep working on Spontime! Thank you the Huffington Post for the article and descirbing our mission so clearly! ❤️


Digital Trends | Spontime is a social media network that helps you spend less time on social media.

“Spontime is a social media app with a difference — it’s aimed at helping people get together for spontaneous activities — be it getting coffee, going for a jog, and so on.”

Yes – we do want to make a difference! Thanks Digital Trends! 😃


Women Entrepreneur Secrets| How one girl’s international experiences inspired her to found Spontime, a $3mln startup.

A personal story of Spontime’s Founder Karolina – how growing up in Poland, living abroad in the US an Singapore, and all of her other traveling experiences inspired her to found a spontaneous-meeting and a friendship-making app Spontime!

Thanks Women Entrepreneur Secrets! 😊


Spontime featured in ‘Your Style’ magazine!

Wow, we’re so excited to see our story being in the ‘Your Style’ magazine, one of the biggest magazines in Europe!

The ‘trampoline’ photoshoot was so much fun! 😀


Spontime receives ‘New Economy Hero 2016’ Award!

Spontime receives ‘New Economy Hero 2016’ Award! We are so thrilled to be recognized by CodersTrust, an international organization aiming to democatize access to education via the internet on a global scale! 🎉🎓

Find out more here!

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Spontime around the world! 🌎🌍🌏

Wow, Spontime is not out yet, and the whole world is writing about us! It only helps us make sure that what we do makes sense, and that we all want to spend more time together in real life!  Thank you all! ❤️


















Women Entrepreneurs Radio | Interview with Karolina Demianczuk, the Founder of Spontime

Live interview with Women Entrepreneurs Radio! Listen to Spontime Founder Karolina’s tips an tricks on how to found a mobile app startup!


Spontime at the MCE Conference!

We were pleased to give a talk at the MCE^3 (Mobile Central Europe) Conference – #1 conference for mobile developers in Central Europe!



Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley |Karolina Demiańczuk, Founder & President of Spontime

Thanks for the e-meeting! Always a pleasure to connect with Rotary Clubs around the world!


Career and life coaching | Interview over coffee with Karolina Demianczuk

Karolina gives tips to all aspirational founders and outlines the story of founding Spontime over coffee with Ksenia! Watch the full video interview here:

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