Why Spontime is a great social app for college students!


Entering college can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you’re at a big school, where you’re just a fish in a pond. There are so many new people around you, but somehow, it can still be difficult to make friends. What if you’re not interested in Greek life or joining a sports team? What would be the best and easiest way to meet people?


Meet the new SOCIAL app, Spontime! Spontime, ‘spontaneous’ and ‘time,’ is the fastest way to get together. Users can choose to connect with friends or make new ones. And it’s easy – just login on Facebook or Instagram profiles, and the app matches users with others based on acvtivity they want to meet for, location, shared interests, and mutual Facebook friends. Reconnecting with an old friend or making a new one is as easy as creating a Spontime meet up ideal for getting together spontaneously between classes or on the weekend. Additionally, Spontime users can join someone else’s meet up, or decide to meet with someone new. Spontime promotes socializing in the real world, not the virtual world. The app motivates users to get off their phones, and actually meet up with people in person.


The founder, Karolina Demianczuk thought of Spontime while she was a university student, waiting for her next lecture. She had a 2-hour gap between lectures, and spent that time alone because she didn’t know anyone else was around. After the lecture, she then realized that a couple of her friends were waiting for the same class in the next room! If Spontime had existed, she wouldn’t have had to wait for the class by herself, and she could have connected with Spontime users that were close by. Spontime wants to make things easy for college students. Besides meeting new people at their own schools, college students can also use Spontime to make friends abroad. Whether they’re studying, interning or traveling, students will be able to use Spontime anywhere they are at any time.


Spontime has college student representatives all over the United States who are spreading Spontime’s message to leave the social media behind, get up, get out, and meet new people. With Spontime, we motivate college students to make valuable connections. Offline 🙂