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You spend your days endlessly refreshing your Facebook newsfeed, Instagram page, and your Snapchat stories. Social media has become such an enormous part of our daily lives, that while we’ve created an online presence, we forget to actually be present. Imagine a social media app that motivates you to be social in real life. This is exactly what Spontime does. Unlike the many apps that encourage users to stay online and chat for days, Spontime aims for the contrary.


Spontime is all about being spontaneous, living in the moment, and getting out now! The app inspires its users to get off their phones and be social when they’re bored, rather than playing a game or chatting with what may even be a robot. We’ve become obsessed with the online world. Spontime aims to navigate us away from the virtual and into the real.


There are several different ways to use the Spontime app. When you feel like getting out, you (spontaneously, of course!) create a ^spontag on the app to go out for coffee, lunch, or anywhere else you’d like. Your friends and people nearby will be able to see what you are up to, and either join you or not. Additionally, Spontime gives you the opportunity to make new friends and meet new people. If you are not sure what you are up for, you can join others in their activities. This is a great way to meet new people if you’ve just moved to a new city or if you’re traveling abroad and want some people to show you around.


As opposed to most dating apps, Spontime doesn’t match you with people based on who you swipe for. You create an account on Spontime using your Facebook or Instagram profile. Then, Spontime matches you with other people based on your common interests and activities you want to meet for. If you share many commonalities with your suggested matches, chances are you will probably enjoy each other’s company and have lots to talk about!


Spontime is targeted at millennials because it strives to help these young, social media enthusiasts connect with each other in real time. With Spontime, there is no pressure to chat for days or weeks, make a plan to meet, and then decide whether or not you actually want that meet to happen. Once you create a ^spontag on the app and people join you, the meet happens today! The app forces millennials to truly live in the moment. Spontime has a clear vision to change the swiping game, and enable millennials to fearlessly and effortlessly meet people in real life.


In short, Spontime wants you to get excited about getting off your phone and interact with people. So download the app now and get ready for your first meet up!



We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions! ❤️