Spontime Mission? Bring people together, in real life.


Nowadays we are all so focused on our phones, so that we don’t see all the opportunities that pass us by on a daily basis. We could’ve made a new friend, found a new hobby, or even traveled somewhere spontaneously. But how do we get ourselves out of our own comfort zones? Spontime, of course! The new fun, free app that helps you be spontaneous. It’s time to get out of the digital world, and back into the real world. Less Facebook comments, and more face to face interactions.


So what is Spontime?


We saw a gap within today’s generation and wanted to bring others together. Whether or not you are visiting a new place, moved somewhere, your friends are busy, or you just want to meet new people, Spontime will help connect you with friends or strangers nearby (which ever you wish!). Think of it as on-demand hangouts. It works like this: You create a ^spontag activity you want to do, such as ^jogging or ^coffee. THAT’S ALL. Friends and those nearby can see your ^spontag, and if they are interested in joining – they swipe right. If you have a match – you meet TODAY.


Spontime is way easier than creating Facebook Events for parties or get togethers, and a lot cleaner than large group chats aimed at planning activities with friends. No more worrying about the logistics of planning activities, now you can have all of it in one easy to access place!


The mission is simple – bring people together, in real life. No more sitting on your phone between classes or chatting forever trying to schedule a meeting. Instead meet up with someone near you to get a coffee and chat beforehand. No more “what to do?” when traveling abroad. Connect with locals (who will know much better things to do than your travel guide is telling you), and view activities to join in on. Most importantly, no more waiting around for matches or using applications that have the expectations of ‘dating’ interest when matching, find activities right here, right now.


Spontime is completely free and available in the App store as well as the Google Play store. We just want to make meeting up in real life easier 🙂


Looking forward to your feedback! 🙂

If you have any questions, please message us at info@spontime.co