Why Spontime is a perfect app for travelers!


Traveling solo? Bring Spontime along to tap into the locals’ scene or others on the road also looking for spontaneous adventures in new lands. Welcome to Spontime, the social app that takes people off social media to experience life in real time! Skip the small talk, online chat, instead create a meet-up on the app and invite someone to come along. Touring new cities is much more fun with Spontime as it matches travelers with other users who share interests and have mutual friends on Facebook. Instantly, find a friendly tour guide, a new friend, or reconnect with old friends who are also looking for travel companions.


Spontime was founded by travelers hoping to meet new people while they were abroad. Spontime founder and president, Karolina Demianczuk, has been to more than 30 countries around the world and has lived in three – Poland, the U.S., and Singapore. She discovered throughout her travels that it doesn’t matter if we’re in Europe, America, Africa or Asia, because with today’s speed of life, inevitable digitalization and globalization, it’s harder to maintain real, in-person relationships.  Her travel experiences definitely inspired her to create the app bringing an old school notion to the digital world, ditch the screens and meet up in real life.  Spontime is the first startup to create a global community of National Representatives from 75 different countries, offering connections and networks all over the world.


Many solo travelers often feel alone and end up touring cities on their own, wishing there were a fast and easy way to connect with others around them –Now, with just two clicks on Spontime, users can meet fellow travelers and get to know new cultures together, meet locals to hang with, and make new foreign, potentially lifelong, friends.