Why You Should Be More Spontaneous 😎


It’s a word you hear a lot, yet you hardly see people “being” spontaneous. It’s easy to caught up in our day to day activities, stuck in a comfortable loop. Most people who are seen as spontaneous are associated with words such as careless, reckless, or rash. Sure sometimes you can get in trouble, but being spontaneous has a lot more pros than cons to it.


You learn to bond with others quickly.


When you get out and do random things, you inevitably encounter people along the way. For some, it’s hard to open up, for spontaneous people, it’s usually easy to open up within the first few minutes of meeting someone new.


Think of it as having the skill to have all kinds of different friends, from all kinds of different places.


You’ll be more confident.


What boosts confidence like having the ability to be adaptable? Spontaneous people have the capability of remaining calm, going with the flow, and being more flexible to situations.


You naturally become more easy going, thus making you more confident. You’ll be confident in where you’re going, who you are as a person, and what you want in others.


You get your creative side going.


Having to make on the spot decisions increase your ability to be more creative. Creative thrives on the unknown and unexpected, and that’s what being spontaneous is all about.


When you end up places you’ve never been before, with people you’ve never met before, your creative juices start pumping.


Time is one of the only things that is completely yours.


It’s your time. You can do anything you want with it. Nowadays everyone wants to live by the motto “YOLO!” you only live once, right? You might as well make the most of it.


When you’re using your time to really explore yourself, push your limits, exit your comfort zone, and find new adventure, you will find yourself happier at the end of the day.


You experience less stress over time.


Let’s face it, having to make decisions quickly about the unknown might sound stressful, but spontaneous folks do it all the time. When quick decisions arise in their personal life, work life, or relationships, they know how to handle them.


Naturally you will become less stressed when faced with these tasks. Heck, you’ll be used to it!



With all the perks to being spontaneous, it’s safe to say you should let your natural impulses take over once in awhile (hey, nothing illegal!). No premeditation, no plans, no expectations, just running with the wind and picking up speed along the way. Let your spontaneous flag fly! It’s good for the soul.